Проектор Optoma HD131X – видео

optoma hd131xe test

This video is a quick walkthrough of my setup and then a test of the optoma hd 131xe projector using the xbox one and a bluray ...

How to Replace a Projector Lamp Bulb: Optoma HD131Xe Projector

My attempts at changing the projector lamp bulb for the Optoma HD131Xe 3D Projector.

Optoma HD131X Full 3D 1080p Projector unboxing

movie test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrOGPihYNY4.

Optoma HD131Xe Full 3D 1080p Projector , PS4 , MOVIES

No white wall now as i bought a screen and a new HD projector.

Optoma hd131xe review

Optoma hd131xe review.

Optoma hd131xe full hd full3D projector

Video recorded with samsung s3 so loosing some quality...but this projector is a aaaaawesome.

Optoma hd131xe game test footage

I have some titanfall game footage from the xbox one shown on my optoma projector. Upon watching this video I noticed that there ...

Optoma Projector Replacing the Fan

This video walks through opening of my Optoma HD131x projector after I got a dreaded fan failure message. There are actually ...

1essai projection optoma hd131X

1ère projection de test de mon Optoma HD131X Sur drap blanc dans ma salle dédiée. Pas de son. Source rip HD de Harry Potter.

Projector Optoma HD131XE test video 2

Recorded by Samsung S2 = Bad quality :) Projecting on the white wall Played this video: ...

Optoma HD20 Vertical Line Fix

My projector started displaying vertical lines on the screen. I am not a professional in the least bit and I advise anyone doing this ...

Optoma HD131X Teaser

http://www.beamershop24.net/optoma-beamer/optoma-hd131x/ Der Optoma HD131X bietet als 3D Full HD Heimkinoprojektor ...

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