Видеокамера Panasonic AG-HPX255 – видео

IBC 2016 Прототип VR камеры 4K 360, телекамера Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2 HD

Николай Шатин рассказывает о новинках компании Panasonic.

Panasonic AG-HPX371E P2HD

Présentation détaillée des fonctions de la caméra professionnelle P2HD Panasonic AG-HPX371E. Pour plus de détails ...

Пример видео Panasonic AG-HMC41EU

Пример видео Panasonic AG-HMC41EU.


Review of Pansonic prosumer AG-AC90, done by Dan Cadar from Romanian National Television.

Panasonic AG DVX 100B Test

just a video test of my panasonic AG DVX 100B under default settings. Amazing what it offers! Old wines still taste good.

Episode 1. UX Series: Introducing intelligent AF and accurate focus assist | Panasonic

A series of short tutorials designed to explain the workflow, camera aspects and advanced features of Panasonic 4K (UHD) ...

DISPLAY SETUP and BATTERY SETUP menus of the Panasonic AG-HPX370P camera

This is a runthrough of the DISPLAY SETUP and BATTERY SETUP menu screens on the Panasonic AG-HPX370P P2 camera.

An introduction to the Panasonic AG-HPX250 handheld P2 camcorder

Before handing it over for their appraisal, CVP takes two customers through the key features of Panasonic's exciting new ...

E4 AV Tour: Panasonic Showcases Its AJPX380 P2 Three-Chip Camcorder for Broadcast Applications

E4 AV Tour: Panasonic Showcases Its AJPX380 P2 Three-Chip Camcorder for Broadcast Applications.

Panasonic | AJ-PX270 Camcorder

Shop at B&H: http://bit.ly/PanasonicAJPX270 Mia McCormick shows us around the new AJ-PX270 from Panasonic. It has all the ...

HPX 250 Panasonic

Видеообзор камеры компании Panasonic. Model: AG-HPX250EN.

Broadcast camera operation basics

http://dvestore.com A few tips on getting to know a pro camera. The camera is the Panasonic HPX500. Shot with the Sony S270U.


Test optical stabilize Panasonic AG-AC160 Тест оптический стабилизатор Panasonic AG-AC160.

Panasonic AG-HPX250 Review

Andy Leonard gives DVUSER a review of the Panasonic HPX250 P2 Camcorder. There is also a written review of the camera in ...

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